Hand & Wrist

Non-surgical treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome and joint arthritis.

Hand & Wrist

Hand & Wrist pain can keep you from participating in critical activities.

JointRenu® Hand & Wrist treatments present great alternatives to hand or wrist surgery. Our non-surgical treatment procedures deliver targeted therapies that support your bodies natural healing response.

  • Conditions

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome TFCC Tear Thumb CMC Joint Basal Joint Arthritis Finger Joint Osteoarthritis
  • Diagnostic

    Xray, MRI, Utrasound
  • Treatments
    Platelet Rich Plasma Bone Marrow Concentrate Protein Rich Plasma Concentrate Adipose Graft

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Hand & Wrist Anatomy
Hand Exam
Rock Climbing Hands

Other Conditions Treated

Evidence-based treatments provided by qualified physicians.