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Functional Wellness

Functional Wellness is a patient-centered approach to preventative health, chronic disease management, and longevity. This systems-based approach to health & wellness seeks to identify, balance, and correct the root cause rather than simply mask symptoms with medications.

A functional wellness plan customized for you seeks to optimize your overall wellness so that you can perform daily tasks, social roles, and active lifestyle in the way you want.

Good nutrition and balanced hormones play a big part in your overall wellness.

To optimize your functional wellness, it is important to understand your current baselines by testing blood levels, gut biome, and other markers in the body. With an understanding of your baselines, a good physician can customize a wellness plan for you.

There are many advancements in functional wellness therapies for chronic illness treatment, disease prevention, and overall longevity. Ask your provider for information on possible advanced therapies related to your personalized wellness plan.

Yes. As we age, our body can become less efficient at rejuvenating and repairing the wear and tear we put on our joints, muscles, and bones. When your overall health and wellness is balanced, your body is better able to support your overall musculoskeletal health.

A patient's ability to respond to a Regenerative Orthopedic procedure is also increased, when the patient is seeking to optimize their functional and nutritional wellness.

You can ask your primary care physician what the best course of action would be to optimize your Functional Wellness. This can include addressing hormone optimization, nutritional plan that matches your specific needs, and a physical activity plan that can be good for you. Your PCP may refer you to a specialist.

Many of our Renuvi Physicians help provide customized wellness plans by seeking to understand your medical history and your current baselines. Renuvi can help refer you to a qualified physician in your area to help you with your personalized wellness plan.