Facet Joint Arthritis

Facet Joint Arthritis can lead to pain, instability and spine function decline.

Facet Arthritis

The facet joints hold the vertebrae together and provide critical stability to the spine in motion. As a joint, it can break down like other joints in the body.

SpineRenu® treatments may present alternative to back surgery. Treatment procedures deliver targeted therapies with percision that supplement your bodies natural healing response and can help reduce back pain and improve function.

  • Symptoms

    Back pain when stretching or rotating Deep pain Lower back pain running to back of upper leg Affected joints tender to touch
  • Diagnostic

    MRI, Ultrasound
  • Treatments
    Platelet Rich Plasma Bone Marrow Concentrate Protein Rich Plasma Concentrate Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Facet Joints
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Other Conditions Treated

Evidence-based treatments provided by qualified physicians.