Regenerative Spine and Joint Therapies

Relieve pain and restore function for your active lifestyle.

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Non-surgical Orthopedics

Interventional Regenerative Orthopedics leverages your body's own healing capacity to restore function and reduce pain to the areas affected by your joint or spinal condition. Your physician may utilize orthobiologic materials like Platelet Rich Plasma or Bone Marrow Concentrate to deliver targeted non-surgical or minimally invasive treatments.

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    Accurate Diagnosis

    Consultation from a qualified physician that includes review of imagery (MRI or Ultrasonography), medical history, physical and root cause assessment to make proper diagnosis.

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    Orthobiologic Treatment

    A regenerative orthopedic treatment plan is customized to repair damage to your joints or spine. The procedure is delivered with image-guided percision to the targeted area to promote healing.

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    Track Progress

    We make it easy for you and your physician to followup and track progress and outcomes post procedure.


Renuvi physicians provide advanced Regenerative Spine therapies to treat back and neck pain related to a range of spinal conditions from stenosis, to disc, to failed back surgery.

"The spine and disc procedure I received was amazing with remarkable results. Recovery was shockingly easy... No pain meds and no sleepless nights. I'm already feeling better! Thank you!"
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Max Regenerative Disc
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Neck & Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating. Finding the right treatment plan can be daunting. The key is getting the proper diagnosis to identify the root of your condition.

Regenerative Therapies

Advanced regenerative therapies enact your body's own healing capacity, delivering results through non-operative or minimally invasive procedures.


For healthy joints that will support your active lifestyle, regenerative treatments may help you reduce pain and restore function. Renuvi physicians take an evidence-based approach to properly diagnose your condition and provide a customized regenerative orthopedic therapy with an image-guided procedure.

"I am absolutely floored by the level of care and attention to detail the doctor took in understanding my condition. The therapy removed my pain so I could return to doing the things I love. I would recommend her to anyone."
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Luisa Regenerative Knee
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Joint Pain

Do you have joint pain that has limited or eliminated your ability to participate in desired or even daily activities? What is the root cause of your pain?

Regenerative Therapies

Regenerative orthopedic treatments can provide a great alternative to surgery, enabling healing and repair, while reducing pain and restoring function.


Every body and environment is different and responds to interventions differently. You want your body to perform at an optimal level to support longevity, prevention, and lifestyle.

"I thought I was doing good following a nutrition plan I found online. My doctor helped me identify some things that were unique to me and helped me restore balance through some additional nutritional supplementation."
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Christina Optimized Nutrition
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Wellness Assessment

Functional wellness is an important element to your physical and musculoskeletal health. A functional wellness assessment may help understand any nutritional or integrative medicine needs.

Custom Wellness Plan

A wellness plan that considers health history, nutrition, activity, and other functional needs can be created. This plan is intended to support your goals, lifestyle, and physical health.

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